“Talk It Out” In-School Program

Every Monday (Romeoville High School, Humphrey Middle School, Lukancic Middle School), Tuesday (AVM Middle School), Wednesday (Bolingbrook High School and Humphrey Middle School), and Thursday (Jane Addams Middle School) H2O staff are available for the groups to build social and emotional skills.   Groups consist of games, activities, lessons, and group discussions based on Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets.  It is a great program to build friendships and community at your school.

Middle School Students will have the opportunity to take the activity bus home after Talk It Out.

Lukancic Middle School – Mondays from 2:35-4pm.  Location: B103

Humphrey Middle School – Mondays -girls group and Wednesdays – boys group Block 3 (Lunches).  Location: Office Conference Room

AVM Middle School – Tuesdays from 2:35-4pm.  Location: Room 411

Jane Addams Middle School – Thursdays from 2:35-4pm.  Location Room B14

Brooks Middle School – Fridays Block 3 (Lunches).  Location: J248

Bolingbrook High School – Wednesdays Periods 4-6.  Location College/Career Center (Room E229)

Romeoville High School – Mondays Periods 4-6.  Location LMC (Huddle Room 2)

4th period – Friendship

5th period – Girl Empowerment / Healthy Masculinity

6th period – Social Justice


Sign up: If you are not already registered for H2O programs, you will need to fill out this off site registration form: https://bit.ly/H2Otalkitout

For more information, contact H2O today!